A Clean Book is a Happy Book
Happy Books Make Happy Clients


Unitarian Universalist Church - Greg Golden,Treasurer

Linda Coyle has done all the contract bookkeeping for our church for the past three years (vendor checks, journal entries, payroll, reporting, etc).  She came to us with plenty of Quickbooks experience, which was helpful, because our records (and QB data) were in some disarray at the time Linda started.  She was able to totally rebuild our QB data from scratch and clean up our Chart of Accounts.  She arranged for various church officers to obtain reports from Quickbooks as needed.  Linda generally comes in one afternoon per week, but also makes special visits when asked, and performs some tasks from home.    In most cases, Linda has made herself available in off hours.


At the beginning of the year, the church decided to change payroll providers due to broadened HR requirements.  There were some difficult moments with the new provider but Linda hung in there, adapting to the new requirements so the payroll reporting would mesh with our Quickbooks reporting. We recently underwent a platform change, to Quickbooks Online (from the old QB Desktop app).  Linda was a good sport about management implementing the change and she got up to speed right away.  And most recently, she has even trained another employee in the use of Quickbooks Online.  I would recommend her services to your organization.




Rossi Music - Rebecca Kyler Downs

Linda has been such a boon to our business. In her first year working for us she more than paid for herself in terms of unpaid invoices and other moneys owed to our business, that she then collected on our behalf. She has made our lives so much easier and our books are organized. She handles our payroll, our business and even our personal expenses, keeping everything separate and organized. She is incredibly honest and easy to work with, we actually do not know what we would do without her. We would recommend her without hesitation, knowing that she will make anyone who works with her thankful for her services.




Rossi Music - Rick Rossi

Linda has straightened out all of our books in Quickbooks and organized everything so that taxes are a breeze.


She is very meticulous and has caught many mistakes and credit card charges that were missed ... and in addition she is extremely honest and ethical and we often leave her in our house alone because we trust her so much.


She has actually recovered checks that we thought we had deposited and found out that the client hadn't ever sent the check .... that happened at least twice with one $1,700.00 and one $1,300.00 dollar check. She has paid for herself many times over.


Linda is a very sweet and caring person and has even helped us sell our services. She is very experienced and knowledgeable and I highly recommend her to anyone.


We feel like we are in really good hands.


Charles Kahlenberg - Composer/Actor

On the button! I'll be utilizing her services again. And happily so….