Growing up in a small town in Kansas gave Linda a strong set of positive values which translates to the desire to keep clean and accurate books for all her clients.  


Originally dreaming of a teaching career, she finished her degree.  Marriage and two children changed the career path and she did a lot of administrative work until she learned bookkeeping and found that was where she felt happy. 


Working with a variety of businesses has given her a broad understanding of how businesses need to keep their financial information organized in order to utilize the facts and figures to help make wise business decisions.  Linda's clients are her extended family and she treats them as such. This is her passion and helping her clients to clean their "insides" brings her both a sense of fulfillment and thrill as she is able to watch their businesses thrive under her guidance and support. 


Beside her working hours, she enjoys volunteer work with a symphony and the homeless program at her church.